Since I started my Instagram page over a year ago, I got asked a particular question, or a variation of it, quite a few times:

How can i build a social following, and what should I post on my socials?

That’s why I wanted to share with you 9 great content ideas every artist & music producer can post on Instagram, and all other socials as well.

You are probably familiar with some of them, but I’m sure you’ll discover some ideas that can help you unlock your social media game!

Let’s start with number one…


1. Share the creative process


Fans love to see you at work! Sharing your creative process could be as simple as posting a photo of you writing lyrics on a sketchpad, or a time-lapse of you recording your next banger in the studio.⁣

It doesn’t cost you anything to share a few videos of you creating music, so let people and your fans in.

You’ll soon discover that this helps you build a more solid relationship with them!


2. Behind the scenes


Doing a cool live show next Saturday? Working on a new album? Going on a cool trip with your friends/family?

These are all perfect opportunities to film some footage to share with your audience.

Maybe something funny will happen and you are gonna be glad you had your camera with you so that your fan can have a laugh too!


3. Video Performances


This should be a given, but if you play an instrument, sing, or double down on finger-drumming, share it on Instagram!

If you can DJ, that’s also cool, and if you can only produce with the piano roll that’s cool too! Just experiment and try out different things, and you’ll soon discover ways of presenting your skills to your audience.


4. Microblogging


Next time you have a photo to share, don’t just post it with a random caption. Instead, channel the inner writer in you, and share what’s happening in your life or talk about something close to your heart.⁣

The cool thing about microblogging is you don’t have to be a good writer! Simply write what you can from your heart and prepare to see your like count skyrocket!


5. Q&As


This is another GREAT way to build a more solid relationship with your fans because by answering their questions, they’ll feel more directly involved with you.⁣ This also means they’ll feel more part of your brand, and as a result, they’ll stream your music more!


6. Your passions


Do you play football, go to church, love a particular tv show or read novels?⁣

Show people what you do in your free time, and prepare to be surprised by how many of your fans have the same interests!⁣


7. Before & After⁣


For some reason, people love seeing before/after pictures. So why not post some funny or meaningful pics that show a part of your journey?⁣

8. Inspiring quotes⁣


Share a quote that feels relevant to you at the moment and some of your fans will probably find it inspiring as well.⁣


9. Tracks breakdowns


You might think only musicians and producers are interested in tutorials, but that’s not the case! Just like music fans want to see the creative process, some of them are also curious to see how you actually put together your tracks!⁣




Building a following on social media requires far more than learning about the algorithm and implementing questionable growth hacks.

Think of it as music… Just like you don’t like artists who put out repetitive or uninspired music, people don’t want to follow on Instagram someone who only posts boring content they have seen a million times already.

What they are looking for instead is catchy & original content!

Simply put, there’s no substitute for GREAT content, so start implementing some of these ideas right away and see where it takes you!

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Talk to you soon, ciao!