This week I thought quite a lot about something all artists face in their journey towards their dream: stress.

It’s something I’ve always struggled a lot growing up, and it only became worse in the last few years since I’ve started my website and IG page.

So, today I wanted to talk to you about what I think about this, and how what I found out can help you live your journey more comfortably as well.


How to deal with stress


We all have our ways to cope with stress. Some like to go out and party, some prefer to stay in and watch Netflix or listen to music.

While this is perfectly normal behavior, I believe the only way we can truly deal with stress, is to get rid of it from its source.


So, where does stress originate?


I think as artists we usually feel the most stress when we’re about to share our work. After all, we’ve worked on it for weeks, and it’s only natural we want people to like it!

Sometimes though, we feel so much stress that we end up not even sharing our work, and instead, descend into a deep spiral of procrastination.

To avoid any negative feedback, we become obsessed with details and we try to take our work as close as possible to be “perfect”.


But there’s a problem with this approach…


What started as just a few weeks to make a couple of tweaks, soon becomes “it will be ready in a couple of months”.

And that shit keeps happening, because the things you wanted to fix will never be quite good enough, and you’ll never get close to your idea of perfection!


So, how can we better deal with stress?


For me, everything changed when I started changing my perspective.

It took me an awful lot of time to figure this out, but the key to alleviate stress is simply understanding that the people we are trying so hard to impress don’t give a fuck about us.

What I mean is everyone has their daily problems to take care of, and thinking they’ll care about the imperfections in our work is monumentally wrong.

And if this isn’t enough for you to stop worrying about others, here’s another fact.

Research has shown the average attention span of a human being is roughly 7 seconds.


So, picture this:


Someone is scrolling down through his IG feed or looking for a new song on Spotify. They land on your latest creation…. maybe it’s awful, or more likely, it simply doesn’t meet their taste.

What do you think they are gonna do?

Start bashing your work and telling the whole world you suck??


I don’t think so.


What they’ll do instead is simply keep doing what they were doing: scrolling and tapping “next” on Spotify… and they’ll forget bout it before you know it.

So, next time you find yourself wondering whether or not to upload a new post on socials or a track on Spotify, think about this:

Why did you start making music in the first place?

To impress a few dudes with a couple of tracks, or to build a music career because you felt like you didn’t want to do anything else in your life?

If it’s the latter, just keep in mind this is a long-term game, and letting stress and fear get in our way is a recipe for failure.

So, just keep doing your thing and don’t be afraid to make shit.


After all, nobody gets it right the first time.


I wish you the best of luck with your journey, talk to you soon 🙂 😀