What artists say

“I don’t come to Karkille just because he can EQ vocals or compress a kick, I come to him for his ideas, his taste, and because I trust him”

AVP, Producer signed to Sony

“Most engineers don’t give a fuck about your music and do the bare minimum to get paid. Karkille is the opposite, he always goes above and beyond to get it right”

Klvb, Producer & DJ

“This talented genius was the best collaboration we could have wished for.
He did an incredible job mixing our single. He’s such a lovely person, easy to work with, and an absolute pro!”

Skylah, Singer/Songwriter

“I can’t tell you how many times I received a mix back from him and literally had tears in my eyes because I was so happy with the result. If you value your music you need to try Karkille ASAP!”

Leandro Pérez, Singer/Songwriter

“Karkille is the best! He works with huge names yet he’s always friendly and genuinely cares about helping small artists”

Rob Anderson, Songwriter at Sony/Atv

“Karkille is a pro. He captured the essence of my old-school track and at the same time managed to give it life with a super modern sound”

Andre, R&B/Pop Artist

“He’s a beast! He improved the sonics in every way possible and made me appreciate my music even more!”

EJ, Producer

“I didn’t think it was possible to get a mix this good at this price… then I found Karkille! Truly an A-list engineer with a big heart”

Bob Haynes, Redmusic A&R

“I worked with A LOT of engineers and no one has ever come remotely close to the quality he delivers. He’s on a whole other level!”

Claudio, Head of A&R at Treasure Hunters

“I always believed in doing things on my own but man… after I got a track mixed by him and heard the difference I turned into a regular client”

DaLuca, Beatmaker

“Unbelievably good mixes. His attention to detail is EVERYTHING”

Jessi B, Pop Songwriter

“He’s crazy good at understanding your vision and then bringing you the sound you’ve always wanted”

Mike, Rapper/Singer

“I usually mix my tracks but I wanted to get my latest single sounding PERFECT, so I gave it to Karkille. Long story short, Spotify just added it to 3 of their playlists and my streams have gone through the roof! Sometimes you just gotta let a pro do the job!”

Serve EDM producer che sul serio ha 200K streams almeno su un singolo

“A friend of mine recommended Karkille after hearing my horror stories with previous engineers. Couldn’t be happier with how things went! The sound is amazing and he’s one of the kindest and most supportive guys you’ll ever meet”

Tizio new, Coso