I have trouble sitting down and staying focused on the tracks I’m working on. Any advice?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that maybe you can’t stay focused because you don’t have a strong enough reason to do what’s necessary to reach your dream.

If that’s the case, you need to think well and through about what you really want in life and if a music career is something you would die for, or if it’s probably best left as a hobby (nothing wrong with that).

But there’s also another very likely explanation for your problem, and that’s the same issue I had when I started my career 7 years ago:


Let me explain…

If you release music and it gets no response (or worse, critiques) you’ll feel like shit. On the other hand, if you let’s say, never finish music, you’d be able to keep feeling safe and in control.

This is a natural self-defense mechanism, but it poses a serious threat to your career because without putting out your music you’ll never get anywhere!

So, the question you need to ask yourself is: are you gonna let fear get in the way of your dream, or are you willing to push through and conquer fear?


After 2 years of producing I still don’t know how to mix, and I only made 2 tracks this year. What should I do?

I’ve taken a look at your Instagram page and I noticed something… you are incredibly young!

Hell, I wasn’t even making music at your age! So chill out and just enjoy the process.

But here is my take on this: two years is really a short amount of time to get good at mixing or finishing music. You need to be patient and believe in your ability to overcome these problems because I guarantee you: you’ll get good at mixing and finishing tracks!

It’s just a matter of practice and experimentation, so don’t worry about where you are right now and keep doing your thing. You’ll figure it out 😉


Do you think there is any reason for an artist to actually stop his career in favor of his own inner peace?

From my experience, all musicians have one thing in common: we make music because it’s an outlet.

It’s a way to purge ourselves from all the anger, sadness, or doubt we feel every day.

This is sometimes called “the artist’s course”

Now, I’m not saying every artist is depressed or has serious mental problems, but experience has told me we all have a darker side hidden inside of us.

To return to your question, I want to take the chance to talk to you about something I have close to hearth: how our emotions work.

You say an artist may have to stop his career if this pushed him so far to compromise his mental health…. but I say you are looking at the problem from the wrong perspective.

The stress doesn’t come from a music career…

it comes from within.

You see, we all have our demons and what happens in our life simply triggers them.

It’s not a music career that makes you depressed… you were depressed long before you started making music. It’s not socials media that caused your stress… they only exposed what you’ve been accumulating since you were born.

So, to answer your question:

Yes, I think it may come a time when we need to take some time off and start thinking about our situation, but it’s certainly not an excuse to permanently stop doing what we love.

Instead, when problems like these arise, we should see them as an opportunity to contemplate how we function and how we can get stronger, because it’s only by changing the voice in our heads, that we can live a happier life.


What is your favorite social media to share what you do and why?

Well, my friend, the answer is really simple…


Instagram, Youtube and other apps give us a unique chance to get more eyeballs on what we do. So, you could argue your favorite platform should be the one where you have the most chances of being discovered, right?


We can’t possibly know where all our biggest fans are, and as content creators, thinking about what is our favorite social media is a recipe for disaster!


Because it makes us believe we should put all of our eggs in one basket!

Now, I’m not saying we should be on every single social media, but that it should be our ideal goalbecause while it’s obviously very time consuming, all these platforms represent free advertising space, and that’s why we should strive to be on as many of them as possible.


Do you think independent producers and artists should learn graphic design?

Definitely! In this mad era we are living in, every single added skill we can add to our belt, the more chances we have to reach success.

Artists need now more than ever to acquire a lot of skills because we need to take care of a lot of things including production. And a big part of promoting music is having a professional look everywhere, from your website to your Instagram, Spotify and your merchandise.

You don’t need to be a master graphic designer or a wizard with photoshop either… even a small knowledge in these areas goes a long way!


Have you tried Sonarworks?

Yes, I use it on every single mixing and mastering session! It helps me quite a bit since it takes care of cleaning up room coloration and uneven freq. response of my headphones. It basically helps you hear things more clearly.


How do you balance your low frequencies so that the whole mix doesn’t sound muddy?

Unless you have a super well-treated room and a killer set of speakers, the only way you are gonna get a tight and clean low-end is if you use headphones.

Mixing low frequencies is always tricky, but the general rules to follow are:

  1. A lot of low-cut
  2. A lot of A-B-ing between your track and a couple of reference tracks
  3. Multi-band compress the drum group and the bass group/stack separately


What’s your favorite plugin?

It depends on which category of plugins we are talking about, but here are some of my favorites: Serum, Kontakt, Valhalla Room and Soundtoys Echoboy jr.