Thanks for all your submissions!

This month I got a couple of really intricate questions, which I think apply to a gigantic percentage of the producer population lol, so if you don’t find the answer to your question here, it means I’m working on a full-fledged article to cover your issue!


I’m struggling to make my tracks sound good. Any mixing tips?

I’m a strong advocate of practice and patience when it comes to learning. All skills require an awful lot of time to get right, and this is especially true for mixing, as our ears learn a lot slower than our brains.

Having said that, I think some targeted mixing tips can help speed up the process, and that’s why I shared my personal favorite mixing tips here.


How can I reach more people with my music on Instagram?

I think the most important thing you need to understand is how the platform works as a whole.

What I mean is Instagram is not Spotify.

When users scroll through their feed they are not looking for new music. They are looking to have a laugh, get inspired, or learn something new.

There are literally thousands of people posting new music everyday on IG, and the only way to stand out from that mess is presenting your music with some flare.

Posting another static image with your music in the background isn’t gonna cut it anymore; instead, try experimenting with different video formats… ones that put your music in a positive light.

For example, you could post a performance video of you playing various parts of the song, or you could shoot a music video that tells the story behind the music (even an amateur video will work on Instagram).

And that’s my advice, start thinking about what type of value you could add to your music to make it stand out more, and experiment until you’ve found a format that works for you!


How can I find my own sound?

I think finding a unique sound is something that happens naturally with time. Yeah, unfortunately, it takes a lot of time…

Here’s what happens: We listen to the music we like, we experiment with the sounds and traits we like the most about it, and then we find creative ways to incorporate them in our tracks.

I’ll write a more comprehensive guide to help people in your situation soon, for now just be open to trying out and listen to new stuff.


What is the best way to make low pitched vocals gel with chords? Is it better to use low octave chords with high pitched vocals, and viceversa?

The short answer to your question would be yes. In a good arrangement every instrument has its own space, so the more differentiation you introduce between all your instruments (in this case piano/synth chords and the main vocal) the easier it is to make the track work as a whole without having a hard time mixing it.

Also, people tend to like simpler arrangements better, so this would be my choice when possible.

Wait, did you say when possible?

Yes, because the long answer to your question is: it depends on the song. 

You may find yourself in the situation where the song requires a low octave synth supporting a pitched-down vocal, or vice-versa, you may need to add some high octaves to sparkle up the audio spectrum in a chorus, even if you have a vocalist singing super high notes.

In these cases, you can find ways to make the vocal and chords better gel together, mainly through EQ-ing, compression, and ambiance.


How/where can I find original sounding presets

The best way would obviously be to learn sound design and then allocate a fixed amount of time each week dedicated to just designing sounds from scratch.

This way you’ll likely come up with tons of new sounds no one has ever created before. Bear in mind I’m not simply talking about creating serum/Sylenth patches, but also creating unique instruments via sampling and other sound design techniques!

But of course almost no one is really just using custom made sounds, and there’s nothing wrong with using pre-made patches, so here are some sample pack companies that sell creative and cool sounds:

  • ADSR Sounds
  • Lanikea
  • Cymatics


I’m trying to start producing my own beats, can you guide me?

I sure can! I wrote a 2-part guide to cover your exact situation. You can read it here.


I’m struggling to start a relationship with someone.

I really don’t feel like an expert in this field xD, but throughout the years I’ve noticed something that I can share with you.

We find hard the things we aren’t comfortable doing. Also, we can’t do something until we’ve proven to ourselves we are capable of doing it.

I don’t know your precise situation, so I can’t help you in detail, but I believe the problem is likely in your mindset.

So my advice is this: start living according to your own rules, not the ones society and family have put onto you, and don’t be afraid to fail or be judged. The old adagio “we learn by failing” is incredibly true, so fail big and you’ll get into a better state of mind that’s gonna help you live better and find someone that you can be with for life.