When I work on a melody I often fear it could’ve been written by someone else before. How can I know that my melodies are 100% original?

I’m afraid there is no one definitive method to be absolutely sure a melody is 100% original.

I used to have the same doubt when I started making music 6 years ago, and I would turn to services like Shazam. Unfortunately, those apps didn’t work for this purpose, since their algorithm works on frequency patterns, not the music itself.

I think the only way you can have some confidence in your melodies being original is by listening to as much music as possible and developing a good ear.

But to return to your question, if you are worried the original creator of the melody will copyright-strike you, I have good news: you shouldn’t really worry about this too much at the beginning of your career.


If you haven’t noticed yet, hundreds of unknown producers upload generic melodies… and nobody is giving a crap about it.

This means the worst-case scenario is you’ll get a copyright strike, and you’ll have wasted the hours you put in that track.

And if you reach success, you’ll have a team looking after these types of things, so my advice, for now, is just to worry about getting better at your craft and make as much music as possible!


I want to learn mixing. Any advice?

Yes, practice practice and practice! It takes an awful lot of time to train your ears to pick up on the subtleties of mixing, and you’ll get better not by watching hours of mixing tutorials but by actually doing it.

Having said that, I’ve posted some key mixing tips on my Instagram page. You can take a look here: Karkille


What is your favorite instrument plugin?

That’s really difficult to answer since I mix many genres in my music. If we are talking about a “desert island situation” though, I’d go for Serum, since it contains a pretty good sampler, which allows me to sample and recreate acoustic instruments too.


Best way to submit your songs to Spotify playlists?

I’ve already answered that question in the last Q&A here. And I have a more comprehensive guide about that in the works, so keep an eye out for it!


I want to produce my own beats so I can rap on them, but there’s just so much to learn. Any advice?

I’ve made a super-easy to follow guide outlining the steps you need to take here.


When is your next song?

I’m really busy with my “day job” at the moment, so I had to postpone my music projects, but I hope to release my next single “Ignite” next month!