Could you please explain how to build a song structure in EDM?


Like in any art form, in music we have certain rules we should follow… But rules are meant to be broken, as it’s the only way art can progress and new genres can be born.

Having said that, the classic pop structure is more or less the same one used over & over in EDM as well.

A pop track usually goes something like this:

Intro, Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus, Bridge (optional), Pre-chorus (optional), Chorus (optional), Outro

The difference is in EDM tracks the Pre-chorus is substituted with a build, which is essentially the same but with a shitload of risers and fxs.

Then the drop takes the place of the chorus. The drop serves essentially the same function: to hook in the listener and keep him engaged; and since EDM is supposed to be played in clubs it should make the listener DANCE!

There are obviously dozens of combinations to the formula above, so I suggest you listen to some tracks and dissect them to study what structure they are using.


What artists are your main source of inspiration?


I can get inspired by literally ANYTHING!! From a movie soundtrack, a synth performance on youtube, or by listening to my favorite rock bands. If we are talking EDM artists, one of my favorites are Illenium, Porter Robinson and The Chainsmokers.


I’m having issues completing my tracks :/ any advice on how to turn loops into songs?


I literally have just updated my free ebook “Track completion guidebook”. You can find it here.


How can I master tracks like a pro?


It’s all down to practice and developing your ears. As always the best advice I can give you is to learn the basics with tutorials (the ones done by professionals, not the shitty ones that are circulating on Youtube lately). Then just use reference tracks and analyze them over and over, to hear the areas you need to fix in your own tracks.


What store pays the most royalties?


I think Napster has the highest $ per play of all the stores, but very few people actually use that platform, thus making the revenues from that stores less than what you’ll probably make from all the other platforms.

The highest paying one ofter that is Apple Music, which pays roughly $0.0079 at the time of writing this.


Tips for making music?


You gotta be more specific than this. What are we talking about? Creative problems? mixing issues? motivational stuff? Send me your questions and I’ll answer them. In the meantime, I’ve posted a picture on Instagram about my top 9 production tips!


Plans to visit India?


Yessss, I’d LOVE to visit! Unfortunately, I don’t have the means right now haha.