You ask, I answer!

Thanks for all of your questions. Here we go…


Will you help young people get involved in this world?

I started this blog was exactly for this very reason! We live in wonderful times where for each problem we have, there’s a blog post, a book or a video tutorial to solve it. Through the years I’ve learned by reading and watching tutorials, mostly free. So my goal with this blog is to give back to the community which enabled me to move further and faster in my music career, than what I thought possible.

I regularly post once a month a guide or tutorial you usually don’t find on the web, or that hasn’t been delivered with a simple-to-follow guide.
I’m all about simplicity and fast implementation when it comes to learning so everything you will find here on my blog will be bullshit-free: NO ADS, NO wasting your time reading pages of introductions and NO turns of phrase!


When will you release your new track?

I’m currently in the mixing stage of the second single. I will finish mixing & master in a couple of weeks, then it’s off to labels and Distrokid. So, in all, I think it’ll be out in approximately a month.


How did you make your website?

First thing I did was searching for a good and cheap hosting provider. It’s basically who lends you the “internet space” where your website will live. Then for the graphics part, I’ve coded the website myself (I study computer science at university). If you have no coding skills, don’t worry, you can always buy a pre-made customizable theme for around 40 bucks.


What are your home studio setup recommendations for beginners?

I’ve outlined precisely all my recommendations for every gear needs for beginners HERE. If you are looking for some more direct suggestions though, here they are:

  • a decent pc/mac with at least a 2.5 GHz dual-core CPU (better would be towards 2.8 quad-core)
  • a pair of speakers (my choices would be either Krk Rockit gen3 or the ones Presonus makes)
  • a pair of headphones (I use the Krk KNS 8400)
  • a copy of Sonarworks headphones reference software, if you need to mix your music
  • a budget audio interface (like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2), but only if you need to record external instruments


Your first single is awesome, but why don’t you just make a regular EDM genre? It would be a lot easier to promote your tracks.

Definitely! But I strongly believe in experimentation and creativity. I also think there are already too many producers killing it in their respective genre, so why not try to come up with a completely new original sound? My goal is not exactly creating a new genre, but my own spin on a mix of my favorite existing genres.


What guitar & amp do you have?

I used to own several guitars, but as time passed and as I needed money for my music, I sold all of them except my Line6 JTV 59. It’s the latest guitar I purchased when I was still playing in my band. I used to use the shit out of its electronic tuning features, but right now I only use its magnetic pickups to record.
About the amp, I have a Fender Bassbreaker 007. Between all the ones I’ve owned, this is the only all-tube amp. I absolutely love its sound… The only issue is it hums A LOT. It’s a design flaw (the circuit is not exceptionally well shielded when it comes to the output transformer). I think I’ll bring it to service when I have the cash, but for now, I just use it to play (I never record it).