Lately, I’ve gotten lots of questions from my fans and other fellow producers on IG and Twitter.
For this reason, I decided to start a new Q&As series, specially designed to be an outlet for your curiosity and needs.

Basically, anytime you have ANY question for me, from music advice to what is my favorite dish, you send me an email or contact me form HERE, and I answer all of them.

OK, here are this week’s questions:


1) What’s the hardest part of making music?

I think every producer has different problems in different areas. Someone may seem to be forever stuck with writer’s block, while others may find extremely difficult finding the right sounds and knowing how to develop their own sound.

Personally, though, I think the most wide-spread issue in the production community is actually finishing tracks.
Everyone can start hundreds of projects and have cool ideas, but how many of those actually finish ALL of them?

I have been in this position and just got around this about a year ago when I finally decided I had enough of my perfectionism and decided to force myself to finish all the tracks I had started.

If you too are experiencing these issues, I suggest this free guide I put together on how to finish more tracks.


2) What do you think about Zonderling’s sound?

I’ve only recently discovered him, but he’s quickly growing on me. I personally love his track “Tunnel Vision”.
It’s one of the rare tracks which I can both listen in the club, and at home. It’s dark, yet melodic, it’s repetitive but never static.

This may be down to the fact of his heavy use of automations on the lead synth which plays throughout all the track with constant nifty modifications to its pattern which just keep you looped.
Good stuff!


3) When will be out your next song and what genre?

I’m actually working on 2 tracks at the moment. The first is still an experimental genre, this time a mix of EDM and ambient/chill. If everything goes according to plan, it should come out the first half of April.
The second one is more like a classic future bass track, but with my spin on it ;). Still, l have to find a vocalist for this one but planning to release it the first half of May.


4) Any book for mastering the art of mixing? And what is the best DAW for producing music?

I have read the majority of existing books about mixing, and the one that has definitely helped me the most was this one. It’s brilliant in every way.

If you want my advice though, I strongly suggest you check out Their mixing tutorials are absolutely spot-on and are what helped me the most out all the books and resources I consumed over the years.

As far as what DAW to use, as I said in this article, it’s not something you should focus on.
Today almost all DAWs are created equal in my opinion, and the discerning factor is just workflow.
If you are producing electronic/urban music the best ones are probably Ableton, Logic Pro X (the one I use), and FL studio.

I would personally stay away from FL studio though, just because its users constantly complain about crashes. About the other two, I can only say that personally, I don’t like Ableton’s timeline view. As I said… it all goes down to personal preference, and remember: it’s not the tools, but HOW YOU USE THEM.


5) How can I overcome the fear of producing bad, irrelevant music?

It depends on what situation you are in at the moment.
If by “bad” you mean you are still not convinced your productions/songs are at least 80% there yet with your favorite producers, then I suggest you keep working at your craft a bit longer.

If instead what you are doing is producing weird genres no one has ever heard before, then let me congratulate you!
The music scene is over-saturated from producers trying to produce the latest “Spinnin” track, and you, my friend, are one of the few who’s not trying to copy anyone else!

My take on this is: try to find a sweet spot between “this is too weird” and “this is what fans of x artist would listen to” (with x being your favorite artists).
So, stay true to your influences and look for feedback from other producers!

About the fear…  No matter the genre, or how successful, ANY producer will tell you that fear is always there!
You have to realize it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And once you reach success no one will remember the shitty track you posted on SoundCloud a few years back!

So, just push through end eventually you’ll make it.


6) What do you think about KSHMR?

I’m neither a huge fan of Big Room, nor I know every song he has ever made, but I really look up to him as an artist.
He took one minor element (middle-eastern influence) and turned it into an entire sound for himself, and creating a vast following of me-toos and copycats in the process. Als,o his productions are second to none for quality and tightness.

One of his track I enjoy the most is his “collab” with Tiësto “Harder”, which has a very refreshing sound production-wise.


7) Why do you do this?

If what you mean is why am I asking you to ask me stuff, that’s because I sincerely want to give back to the producing community which has helped me a ton at the beginning of my music journey.
If, instead, you meant “why are you making music”… well, because it’s what I love doing the most!! 😀




That’s it for this time! Please keep coming to me with your questions and I will be sure to answer you in the next Q&A.