Captivate listeners

In the fast-paced world of streaming platforms, you only have about 7 seconds to make a statement and grab their attention.

Getting a professional mix is the first step to stand out from the crowd, get noticed by the right people, and start piling up streams on Spotify.

Make it count

Let's say your song ends up in a big playlist containing 30 other professionally produced and mixed tracks. If someone lands on your song and it's not up to par... they'll skip it!

It doesn't matter that you wrote the most amazing song. They just can't separate the song from the mix and feel there's something wrong with your music.

Clients include

Grow fans

A great mix doesn’t just sound good... it enhances the feeling of your music and makes listeners resonate with you on a deeper level.

In other words, a good mix helps you song compete with other releases, a GREAT one will make you stand out from everyone else!

Look the part

You recorded an amazing song, released it and paid $200 to promote it on Spotify... then nothing! Sure, you got some streams but that number means nada because your listeners aren't turning into followers. Why?

No matter how talented you are or how much money you throw at promos... an amateur mix will always make you sound like an amateur.

Your music,the way you imagined

Respect for your vision

Mixing isn’t just about making things sound good. It’s about protecting and highlighting the artist’s vision.

That’s why it’s essential that you find someone who really listens to you and then goes the extra mile to bring your vision to life.

Crucial Feedback

It's totally natural if you missed a couple of small issues - most artists don't have access to a proper listening environment!

Maybe there's a bad audio edit on the vocals or the drums are a little off-tempo in the second verse. Whatever the case, I'll spot the mistakes for you and let you know how to fix them.




Mixed tracks


Label deals

Zero shortcuts

Most engineers mix a track in just 2 days. This way they can quickly move on to the next client and make more money.

Instead, I prefer to spend more time and take care of all the small details that can take your production to the next level.

Effortless communication

Got questions or want some changes in the mix? I got you!

I'll be with you every step of the way, answering your questions and guiding you through the revision process so that the final mix will sound exactly how you want!

Recent mixes

What others say

“I don’t come to Karkille just because he can EQ vocals or compress a kick, I come to him for his ideas, his taste, and because I trust him”

AVP, Producer signed to Hexagon

“Most engineers don’t give a fuck about your music and do the bare minimum to get paid. Karkille is the opposite! He always goes above and beyond to get the details right”

Klvb, Producer & DJ

“Karkille is the best! He works with huge names yet he’s always friendly and genuinely cares about helping small artists”

Rob Anderson, Songwriter at Sony/Atv

“I worked with A LOT of engineers and no one has ever come remotely close to the quality he delivers. He’s on a whole other level!”

Mike, Head of A&R at Treasure Hunters

Let's get to work!

    What do you need?

    How many songs do you need to mix?

    How many stems/tracks are in your song approximately?

    Do you need vocal editing?

    Please note: It's the producer's job to take care of tasks like comping vocals and aligning doubles. I'll tune vocals for free, any other additional edit will drive up the price considerably.

    Do you have a deadline?

    Contact info

    Other requests/questions


    Songs with fewer stems can cost as little as $150 per mix, while songs with 80+ stems will cost more.

    Fill out the form above and I’ll send you a free quote. After that, you are free to do whatever you want! ✌️

    Export separate WAV files for each instrument and name them in a way that makes sense to you (e.g. Kick, Snare, Bass, Piano).

    Remember to also send me a rough mix of your track if you have one.

    Here are a few tutorials on how to export tracks: FL Studio – Ableton – Logic Pro – Cubase – Reaper

    That’s up to you! If want your music to sound like a particular track that you like, tell me which one. I’ll try to bring your music as close as possible to the sound of that track.

    Mixing is very subjective. Some artists prefer more bass, others want radio-friendly vocals, and some others gravitate towards a more vintage/mellow sound.

    By including 3 sets of revisions I make sure that the final mix is completely in line with your vision and style!

    Yes! After I finish mixing your track you have 2 weeks to request any of these alternative versions or sub-mixes (free of charge):

    Extended (the full-length track)

    Radio edit (a shorter version of the track)

    Acapella (only vocals)

    Instrumental (only instruments)

    Live edit (instruments + background vocals)

    The entire mixing/mastering process takes between 2 to 3 weeks depending on your requests.

    You can pay via PayPal or we can arrange a transfer on TranserWise.

    Payment is required in advance for projects under 300$, above that we can do split payments.