You just finished mixing your new single. You spent weeks comparing revisions and getting feedback from everyone who would listen… all because you wanted to make sure you got every detail right.

Now it’s time to master it, but you have a problem.

You listened to the mix so many times that your ears have become accustomed to how your music sounds.

You can’t figure out what to do and need to find a way to fix the issues that you can’t spot and make your track capable of competing with any commercial release.

Because you know you only have one shot to get supported by fans and promoters, and because you want to release music you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

This is where I come in.

Clients include

What a mastering engineer can do for your music

Anyone can make things loud, but do they really sound better?

When you slap a limiter on your track and add random plugins hoping they’ll somehow improve the mix, all you are really doing is sucking the life out of your music.

Only a professional engineer knows how to elevate your music, and give it the shine, depth, and power it needs to compete with the best tracks out there.

Hear the difference

Listen with headphones and see how these tracks sounded before and after I mastered them.

No BS here, everything is level-matched. This way you don’t get tricked by volume jumps and can clearly hear the difference: not just louder, better!

EDM Before/After

Hip-Hop Before/After

Pop Before/After

Urban Before/After

What artists say

“I don’t come to Karkille just because he can EQ vocals or compress a kick, I come to him for his ideas, his taste, and because I trust him”

AVP, Producer signed to Hexagon

“Most engineers don’t give a fuck about your music and do the bare minimum to get paid. Karkille is the opposite, he always goes above and beyond to get it right”

Klvb, Producer & DJ

“Karkille is the best! He works with huge names yet he’s always friendly and genuinely cares about helping small artists”

Rob Anderson, Songwriter at Sony/Atv

“I worked with A LOT of engineers and no one has ever come remotely close to the quality he delivers. He’s on a whole other level!”

Claudio, Head of A&R at Treasure Hunters


Stereo Master


  • Mastering of one track
  • One revision included
  • Free detailed mixing advice

Stem Master


  • Master of up-to 8 stereo stems
  • One revision included
  • Free detailed mixing advice


Tell me what you need



    STEREO MASTERING is done with just one audio file. This is perfect if you are happy with your mix and just want to add a final touch of punch, clarity and “professional mastering shine”.

    STEM MASTERING allows me to fine-tune the individual stems of your mix to perfection. This is a great choice if your mix has a lot of issues or if you’re looking for a big sonic enhancement.

    Still not sure what you need? Send me your mix! I’ll take a listen and let you know which service would best suit your song.

    FOR STEREO MASTERING – Remove any limiter present on the mix bus, then make sure that the mix doesn’t clip and bounce the session as a single WAV file.

    If you mixed through a plugin (like a compressor or an EQ) and you are not sure if you should leave them on, you can send me two versions of the mix: one with the plugins bypassed and one with the plugins on. I’ll then decide which one to use to achieve the best sound.

    FOR STEM MASTERING – Group similar instruments together and export the sub-mixes as individual WAV files. You can group instruments any way you want and send up to 8 stems. Here is a classic example of a 6 stem master: Drums, Basses, Keys/synths, FXs, Background vocals, Lead vocals.

    If you have any questions let me know and I’ll help you!

    I’ll deliver the master within 5-7 business days, but if you are in a hurry I’ll try to speed up the process at no extra cost.

    You can pay via PayPal or we can arrange a TranserWise.

    Payment is required in advance for projects under 300$, above that we can do split payments.