If you want to make it as an artist, there’s no way around it… you need to start building relationships with the people who can actually help you get to success.

This means getting to know collaborators, managers, promoters, booking agents and other various professional figures of the music industry.

Luckily for us, it doesn’t matter where we live anymore, as we now have access to a super powerful tool that enables us to reach almost everyone on earth when used correctly. Can you guess what that is?

Yep, Instagram DMs!

Ok, listen up, as I’m about to explain exactly what you need to do to get people to help you in your journey to success. Ready?





Imagine if someone hits you up wanting to collab or partner up, and when you check them out you can only see a few random pictures, a lame bio and a link to a crappy 3-year old single.

Would you wanna work with them? I think not.

Now, I’m an artist, so i get it…

You already have to take care of a million different things to build your career, but if you truly want to be taken seriously, you also must start treating your Instagram page as your business card.

I’m not saying you must have a killer page, just that it should be as professional-looking as you can manage.


Because a clean and well-executed page shows you understand the importance of social media for an artist’s career, and that you probably already have a rough plan to take it to the next level.

The same goes for your Spotify artist page, so make sure to upload a professional bio and 2-3 high-quality pictures on your profile.





What would you do if, while going to work, a random guy approached you and started asking right away to check out his IG profile? Would you listen to him, or keep walking?

You might think it’s different on Instagram but it isn’t!

If you start a conversation with someone by asking for favors or spamming your music, chances are they’ll simply ignore you.

If instead, you start focusing on building long-term relationships… you’ll reap the rewards! Here is how…





Everyone has something going on in their life, and your goal must be to help them out with their vision. In turn, they’ll be grateful for your contribution, and they’ll be much more open to help you back!

I know this is easier said than done, but the key here is to find something that you are good at and that they also need some help with.

Try to find something they can’t do or something that would save them time or money.

Here are a few things to consider…⁣

In recent years music artists endured a forced evolution. Making music is not sufficient anymore to make it in this industry, and this means some of us had to learn other valuable skills to help us boost our careers.⁣

Maybe you’ve learned photo editing to create quotes, artworks, and other content for your Instagram.⁣ Or maybe you’ve learned video editing to start posting videos on youtube!⁣

Whatever the case may be, you can now offer to create some content for their Instagram!⁣

Or again, you may have studied a bit of marketing because you wanted to promote your music. Great, you can now use this knowledge to give people a few tips on how to improve their business and grow their Instagram!⁣

Want another example? I got you!

Maybe you doubled down on web design to create your artist website, so why not trying to help the people you are networking with, by suggesting a few improvements for their website?⁣

If none of these ideas apply to you, you may think you have absolutely nothing to give, but that’s simply not the case!⁣ Why?⁣

Because you are an artist! and you can get super creative!⁣

So, give them a few content ideas for their IG or YT channel, their merch, or find a website or a resource that you think may be useful to them.⁣

Offer to hand out the flyers of their events at the mall. Bring your friends over to their live show, or find other ways to help them with their business. ⁣





Still can’t think of anything to help them? Don’t worry, you can just be present and support them any way you can!

Be active on their socials: like, comment and generally, interact with them.

Basically, show some love!

If you do this right, when you’ll DM them in one or two months, they’ll probably remember about you, and this time they’ll be much more likely to really listen to you!





When i talk to industry pros like A&Rs and managers, I often hear stories about some artist who thinks he’s entitled to have everyone’s attention, and that his time is more valuable than everyone else’s.

Well… It’s not!

Please respect the time someone is using to talk to you: a well written and polite message may be the difference between them ignoring you, and them listening to what you have to say.




These tips were taken from my recent Instagram post. I regularly post tips & tricks on my posts and stories, so make sure to follow me there (I’m @karkille)!

Talk to you soon, ciao!