Here is a list of the best websites, apps, books, and other various online resources for artists, producers, and musicians.

I designed this to be the ultimate list of the most useful stuff available on the web, covering topics like music marketing, music production, networking, freebies and much much more!

I regularly add new resources as I discover them, so bookmark this page and return to it whenever you are trying to solve a problem.

Here we go!




Pianobook – A super unique collection of free sampled instruments launched by the founders of Spitfire Audio.

Spitfire Audio Labs – Another free collection of cool instruments by Spitfire Audio.

Ample Sound – They offer 3 free instruments: hang drum, acoustic guitar, and electric bass.

My Freebies – I make a freebie every month, ranging from custom-designed instruments, loops and samples, to ebooks and printable resources.

99Sounds – A collection of creative instruments and cool quirky samples.

Musicradar – A massive set of free sample packs and sound kits.




Submithub – Your best bet at being featured on blogs, Youtube channels, and Spotify Playlists.

Labelradar – Another promoter aggregator like Submithub, but more focused on labels.

DemoDrop – Another website where you can submit your music to record labels and promotional channels.

Playlist Push – It’s a premium Spotify playlists curators hub. They can give you massive exposure but they are expensive. This code gives you 7.5% off your first campaign: MMCR4Y4

Hypeddit and Artist Union – I think music gates are useless in this day and age, but if you need one I suggest going with one of these 2.

Bluehost – Need a website? This is probably the best budget-friendly way of building one.

Envato market – After buying your website, you still have to create the graphics for it. On Envato you’ll find tons of discounted themes and plugins to choose from.

Music Connection –  A curated list of independent radios, A&Rs, managers and other promoters.

ADE – Probably the most-awaited and attended EDM music business event in all of Europe.

Dancefair – Another European EDM music business event.

SXSW – A popular music business event that takes place in Austin, Texas.

Winter Music Conference – A Miami-based music business event.

A3C Conference – Another music business conference.

Revolt Summit – Another music business conference.




Karkille – On my blog and Instagram page you’ll find original tips, resources, and tutorials on everything music-related.

The Pro Audio Files – A site with dozens of articles aimed at helping people produce and mix better music.

Ableton Blog – Ableton’s own blog, where they upload interesting and inspiring content.

Splice – The quickest and most affordable way of getting the high-quality samples you need for your tracks. They also have rent-to-own plans for plugins.

Music Theory – Free website full of music theory lessons and tutorials.

ADSR – My absolute favorite source for music production tutorials.

Puremix – The most comprehensive mixing tutorials on the planet, period.

Mix with the masters – Another great and inspiring collection of mixing tutorials from the biggest and most respected names in the game.

Tone Gym – A cool interactive game that helps you train your ears to recognize musical notes, chords, and patterns.

Syntorial – An interactive software that teaches you subtractive synthesis, one of the most useful sound design skills you can learn.

Sonarworks – A software that combats room coloration and uneven frequency responses by calibrating your speakers and headphones, empowering you to make better mixing decisions.

Pensado’s Place – A talk show for music industry professionals (mostly about production and mixing).

Sonicstate – Great in-depth tutorials, interviews, and other entertaining series.

Sound On Sound –  A great resource of techniques, interviews, and news. The “Mix Rescue” and “Synth Secrets” series in particular are very useful.




Distrokid – My personal choice for music distribution. With a flat rate (19$/ year) and you can upload as many tracks as you want. If you sign up through the link I provided, you get an additional 7% OFF!

CDbaby – The only other distributor I recommend. They have some pretty cool promotion options built-in (premium), but they are much MUCH more expensive than Distrokid.

Soundreef – Probably the most transparent Publishing Rights Organization. PROs track your music being played live, on tv and radio, and they then send you the money.

BMI – One of the top global PROs. You can join even if you are not from the US.

Ascap – Another huge PRO. You gotta be American to join.

Artlist – A sync licensing company. Once you are approved, you can get your music into films, videos & TV all around the world while keeping all the rights.

Musicbed – One of the biggest music licensing platforms and a popular hit among film makers!

Music Vine – A sync licensing company. Indie filmmakers especially love using this platform because their catalog features tons of highly emotional tracks suited to visual storytelling!

Epidemic sound – A sync licensing company. They are very popular among YouTube creators. Weirdly, they only work with artists not registered with a PRO.

Marmoset – Another sync licensing company.

Audio Network – Another sync licensing company.

Jingle Punks – Another sync licensing company.

Audio Jungle – Another sync licensing company.




Kvraudio – A forum where to ask questions about music production and find the latest plugins deals.

Gearspace – Another music-related forum but, as the name suggests, it’s more focused on gear.

MBW – News and articles about the music business.




Pexels – Great choice for finding cool royalty-free photos to use for websites and socials.

Unsplash – Another great source of royalty-free photos.

Snapseed – Think of it as your free and fast AI-powered photo editor assistant, both for mobile and desktop.

Pixelmator Pro – If you are a Mac user and don’t want to pay a monthly fee for Photoshop, this is the one to get! It’s incredibly easy to use and it has stellar customer support.

Luminar – The faster and smarter Adobe Lightroom alternative. They also offer an amazing HDR photo editor. (Coupon to get 10$/10€ OFF at the checkout: KARKILLEPROMO)

Peter McKinnon – A cool and inspirational youtube channel for photography and filmmaking.




Grammarly – This is an invaluable tool if you are not a native English speaker, or you are but need a double-check. Writing an email to a big record label? Reaching out to vocalists? Composing an artist’s bio? Whatever the case may be, Grammarly can help!

Trello – I still love good old-fashioned to-do lists, but sometimes there are too many things to keep track of in life for a single sheet of paper. This is one of my favorites project management tools.

Bitly – Create, share, and track shortened links.

Imgbb – Upload and share images for free. I use it when I need to share images or screen captures.

Wetransfer – Basic free cloud storage for easy transfer without the need to sign up, truly a lifesaver for collabs!.

Udemy – An e-courses platform. Not my choice for music-related topics, but I strongly suggest it for everything else. They regularly make massive sales, so keep an eye out for bargains!

Skillshare – Another increasingly popular e-course platform. There are some interesting free courses you can start without even having to create a trial account.

Pen & paper – You have no idea how much stuff I accomplished just because I wrote down what I needed to do! In the morning write down EVERYTHING you need to do for the day. Then start with the biggest task and complete all of them. If you want to know more about it you can read my post here.




Spotify for Artists – This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you released it through a label you may not know that Spotify gives artists and their team free access to some amazing insights on their audience.

Fortunes – It’s a completely free app that keeps track of how all your songs are performing. Extremely useful because it sends you a notification every time you get featured on Spotify playlists, when someone uploads your song on Youtube on their channel, or when a blog writes about you. They also have an awesome blog with cool original and helpful insights.

Chartmetric – A freemium website that gathers and displays data about tracks, playlists, etc. Unfortunately, the free version is close to useless since it just lets you see basic stats, but if you have the money it’s an excellent investment!




Making music is fun and rewarding, but we live in a society that’s extremely competitive and this can at times eat us out from the inside. That’s why I want to add some resources that have helped me better cope in those times when we feel the most the effects of stress.

Gary Vee – This guy is a fucking genius. No one else is going to make you realize what you are doing wrong faster than him, period. I guarantee you’ll flush out all the shit you have in your head and get back on the right course of action in no time.

Be Inspired – An endless source of inspiration and motivation.

Eric Thomas – Another famous motivational speaker.

Freelitics – Our body is capable of eliminating stress just by working out. This one is a time-efficient & cost-effective way of doing that.

Headspace – Meditation can have a huge positive impact on your anxiety levels. This app offers guided meditations for the novice.

Ear protection – As artists, ears are our most invaluable asset, so please buy some ear protectors before you get yourself tinnitus! This link gives you 10$ off the ones I use.

Self Hypnosis – From Adele and Sam Smith to Beckham and Samuel Jackson, tons of people have used self-hypnosis to get rid of addictions, unlock creativity, or deal with anxiety. A friend of mine recommended me this company while back, and although skeptical at first, I started seeing some positive changes in my anxiety levels after a few sessions.

ASMR– ASMR is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation and an overall relaxed state. It’s an ever-growing trend on YouTube, and Some people (including me) find it a very relaxing experience. There are hundreds of videos for every taste, so be sure to try out a few ones before discarding ASMR for good.




Can’t do something yourself, or don’t have the time? Read on…

Soundbetter – A place to hire some of the world’s best engineers and singers. You can hire a vocalist to sing on your track, a drummer to lay down a groove, or pretty much any other session musician.

Vocalizr – Another good source for finding singers and producers.

Fiverr – Need a virtual assistant? A designer? or someone who can find the email of an A&R? Whatever the case is, you’ll probably find someone willing to do it for a reasonable price. The link I provided gives you 20% off your first order. Thank me later!

Upwork – Another great option for finding freelancers. Here you’ll find somewhat more “premium” freelancers.

Behance – Here you can find some excellent graphic designers for logos and album artwork.